Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan has been skateboarding for a long time. I know that I started when I was ten years old and Jeremy started right at the same time so we’re talking over 20 years of skateboarding. There was one time that he quit for maybe a summer to ride BMX with some friends but who remembers that?  Jeremy is still skateboarding and for the past near decade has been documenting himself and a few other really talented friends by way of video. Being he and I are brothers, we recently met up on the internet for this ‘Gchat’ discussion about his new video finally being done.

Hi Jeremy

Hello Todd.

Shade Title

First tell me,  for how long did you work on this video before putting it out?

I filmed on and off for it for about three NY years, so really three summers. And it took about five months to edit working on it here and there.

Kingston, New York

I knew you were working on it a while  but I was wondering if those old super 8 clips of Kingston, NY in the intro were from around the time you started filming for this and the more modern clips were near the end of filming.

No, those clips are from the 60′s. I had seen that old Kingston footage on youtube once and a friend suggested using the footage in the  video. So I just thought it would be cool to take a few clips from that footage and combine it with clips filmed the same way of the same locations.

Rob Mauceri | Ollie

Ah cool, I know you remember way back in the day when  we used to skate at the YMCA  and at the contests in Saratoga Springs and even at the skatepark in Newburgh and mom and dad used to film us… Is you’re style of filming at all influenced by either of theirs?

Haha. Everyone has their own little style. I do remember those video being pretty awesome. The shaking of the camera and even the titles that mom would put in the beginning just written on a piece of paper then she would videotape it. I’m definitely into the old look and less polished way of doing things I guess.

Oh damn. I seriously forgot about mom’s titles on the videos! Yellow lined paper… pretty amazing. Do you think mom or dad was the better filmer?

Yeah those titles were sick! They were both pretty good. Mom tended to talk a lot though while she was filming though.

Gleaming The Cube Intro

When I watched your video I thought that you had the best part hands down.  You had the best intro with the ‘Gleaming the Cube’ footage, the best song with ‘Tainted Love’, and your part had the finest editing I thought… All this have anything to do with the fact that you made the video?

Well, thank you. I appreciate that! Ha. My part was the last, and quickest part that was edited. I had a hard time finding a song. I edited it to 2 songs before I used ‘Tainted Love’. Was just listening to that song one day, thought it would probably go well with my skating, and it did. I love the whole video though. I’m psyched on how all the parts turned out but glad you liked mine!

Who filmed the last trick in your part? That looked really difficult to keep a camera steady while going down a steep and icy hill like that.

My ender was pretty craze I think . I’m just glad that you were there to film it.


Okay, so everyone likes to be let in on an inside joke… Why the plate of spaghetti before Dustin Younie’s part?

We have a lot of nicknames for Dustin. One of them happens to be noodles and I actually don’t even know why we do call him that… But I like to mess with Dustin so I just put a quick plate of noodles before his part.


I kinda had the feeling you like to mess with Dustin.

Oh yeah. We all do.

Dustin Younie | Front Blunt

While  we’re on Dustin, did he do that kickflip over the black hubba before or after Alex Olson?

I knew that clip would get talked about. He did it after him. We were there one day because he wanted to skate the courthouse but there were cops there so we skated the hubba spot. I think they call it “Blubba”. He ollied over it and then started trying to kickflip it. I knew it had been done already but I’ll film it anyway.

Yeah, I hate those “whats been done here can’t be done again here” rules. Even more so when it’s Alex Olson we’re talking about. He shouldn’t even count.

I know. I really can’t stand that either. I definitely have some tricks in my part that have been done already. If something has already been done at a certain spot, and you really like that spot, and you really want to try a trick that you’re good at on it… WHO CARES if its been done already. Now its being done differently by another person.

Dustin Younie | Kickflip

View Jeremy Jordan’s ‘SHADE’ in it’s entirety HERE.