Photographs by Alessandro Simonetti

Metal and Grip isn't comfy


I first got introduced to the 5boro crew by Kimou Mayer aka Grotesk, a creative director/artist and one of the first friends I became close to in NYC. The same happened with Nardelli, Steve and the rest of the  skate crew family. These guys help me keep the wire I’ve always been attached to alive, the skateboarding scene. I have never considered myself a skate photographer but I will always be fascinated by the DIY attitude that skateboarding come from.

This a journey around New York with most of the guys from the the team of the Piccione. Enjoy!
- Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

Rob and Pancyl

Howard street

For life

Shitty tags and Haker on Broadway

From the top of Manhattan bridge


Yo Piccione you want to get a pizza?  Piccione, I think we should do a rooftop barbeque with the crew for a shoot  what do you say?”  This is an example of a common conversation between Alessandro, aka Zuek,  and I via text or phone call prior to meeting up for a 5boro photo mission.  Piccione is italian for pigeon, the symbol of 5boro that represent the brotherhood and family values amongst our crew. Zuek from the very first shoot in 2003 fit right in with the us, no awkward vibes of having a photographer in the mix, just another member of our crew.  Hist casual style of shooting with us and instictive timing on when to pull the trigger on a shot captures the mood of who we are and how we live the NYC – a family of picciones flying around the city!  
- Mark Nardelli 

NY's freedom

Astor Place


Everyone in the team has one

Broadway Tombo' street food

Chinatown tower


Going out skating with zuek is always fun because he is really easygoing and shoots great photos. The best part about it is that almost everything he shoots is candid and not planned out. When i was smoking my end of the day cigar he just snapped a picture, i didn’t even know and he ended up getting a nice shot as he usually does.
- Joe Tookmanian

Iconic Grotesk design


On top of it

In it

Rob in the east river

Under the Brooklyn Bridge


Zuek has been out shooting with us a lot over the past few years.  The always fashionable Italian native has a keen eye for the streets. He may not be a traditional skate photographer, but he knows how to capture skateboarding and the subtle moments in between.  He also occasionally wears brass knuckles to the bar just for fun, so stay on his good side.
- Jimmy McDonald

Best friends

The spot

Falla's playground

Shitty slice lunch

Pushing on Lafayette

A real New Yorker



Ripping around the big city with the 5B crew is one of the most freeing, lively, and boisterous feelings of all!  Rolling on the rough and rugged pavement streets is an adventure in itself, throw in the ever-changing traffic patterns and construction barriers, and you are in for one hell-of-a-ride.  With zuek along for the ride, his covert shooting style just so happened to create some very candid shots of the crew.  What a phenomenal photographer.  Shoot, shoot, shoot!
- Willy Akers