Jonny Negron

Jonny Negron’s first book, NEGRON, has just been published on Picturebox Inc. Its pages feature woman with powerful thighs that burst through their shorts, big breasts and long legs, bright eyes severe with concentration, or vacant amid compromising situations. Violent video game heroes stand strong, clean cut in leather jackets and tailored suits. His drawings are perverse, dark but stunningly colourful.



NEGRON obviously means a lot to you, being your first solo artist book. What was your process in selecting the works? Did you have a greater concept in mind for the book?

From the beginning we agreed that the book should feature a majority of drawings of girls. I worked along with Dan Nadel and Norman Hathaway in selecting the drawings.

Publishing NEGRON with Picturebox always seemed like a match made in heaven. How did you come to work with Dan Nadel?

I’d been intending to email Picturebox one week, and Dan ended up contacting me first. I couldn’t be happier to have my first book published by Picturebox, they’ve put out some of my favourite books.

Negron 01


There are clear influences of hentai/manga, sci-fi, fashion and pop culture in your drawings; can you share some of the times/people/things that might have resonated and shaped your work?

All of my experience finds it’s way into the work I make. These days I draw inspiration from people I’ve met, interesting people on the street, a funny story, dreams I’ve had. I like a lot of stuff.

Negron 02

What is it that inspires the voluptuous girls in your drawings? Is this your ‘ideal woman’, or just an appreciation for the exaggerated?

I think the idea of only being attracted to one body type is ridiculous, so no, I don’t consider these figures ideal, because there is no ideal. I’ve always gravitated towards unusual things. I like drawing women with extreme proportions. sometimes I’ll look at some finished drawings and say to myself  ‘damn, I drew the tits waaaaaaaaay to big’, haha.

Could you tell us about CHAMELEON and your work with Jesse Balmer?

At the time of it’s inception I’d been receiving quite a few offers to submit for anthologies, but so many of them had specific themes that I had no interest in, so I choose to do an Anthology so I could do what I want, and allow the contributors to do whatever they pleased. Jesse Balmer and I began collaborating shortly after we met in 2009. We thought CHAMELEON would been fun to work together on.

Negron 03

Any plans to break away from the two dimensions of paper and explore other mediums?

Certainly. I record music on a regular basis. I normally sing and play keyboards. Perhaps I’ll share my recordings soon and see what people think. I plan to work with video in the future as well. No limits.

Negron 04


What’s next?

I want to get a lot more comics down for now.